Tap drills, taps, thread formers, and threading dies are made from very hard materials. This makes them brittle, which means they break relatively easily, small corners on the cutting edge can flake off, making the tool unusable. Our plastic packaging optimally protects your threading tools against damage, splashing water, and dirt – and, on request, also against corrosion.

Leading manufacturers of threading tools rely on our packaging solutions – and have done so for many decades. Our packaging tubes, cassettes, cases, and boxes are ideal for both transporting and storing your delicate threading tools. our plastic packaging solutions stand out from the competition due to their first-class workmanship, outstanding ergonomics, and innovative design.

We’ve got it all wrapped up

Whether you need packaging for tap drills, thread formers, thread milling cutters, threading dies, tap wrenches, or threading rotary fasteners – we have the right packaging solution for you. There are many good reasons why manufacturers of cutting tools all over the world choose our plastic packaging solutions – and have done so for decades.

Our packaging tubes, cassettes, and boxes for threading tools are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. However, they all have one thing in common: outstanding workmanship combined with easy handling. And if you need help browsing our extensive range of solutions, there’s no problem – we place special emphasis on outstanding customer service! Just call us or send us an email!