Welding tasks require the right combination of technology, welding equipment, and first-class welding accessories. However, to prevent damage to your welding equipment and accessories during the logistics process, the right packaging is essential. Our plastic packaging reliably protects your welding equipment and accessories against damage, splashing water, and contamination.

At rose plastic, we have a thing for sustainable solutions. That’s why we make sure you can use our plastic packaging not only during the logistics process, but also for warehousing and storage of your welding accessories and torch replacement parts.

Outstanding ergonomics for easy operation and efficient filling

As an additional bonus, our packaging can be opened and closed quickly and easily thanks to its functional ergonomics. This makes filling it with your welding equipment child’s play. Sounds good? Then simply call us or send us an email! We’ll be glad to talk you through the benefits of our packaging solutions for welding equipment.