RoseCase ProSecure – exceptional durability

RoseCase ProSecure: waterproof and dustproof plastic cases and boxes

Dustproof, waterproof, tough and secure. These are the features that make the RoseCase ProSecure from rose plastic stand out from the crowd. With this product, the packaging specialist from Hergensweiler is again expanding its range of cases into new territory. The boxes and cases are available in various designs, with a range of individual equipment options to choose from.

The durability and versatility of the products in the ProSecure range make them the perfect transportation and protective cases for industrial and trade applications, construction, trade fairs or expeditions. RoseCase ProSecure cases and boxes are also ideal for use on photography assignments, as well as backstage and on stage at concerts and shows. Their applications also extend to rescue services, military and marine operations and aviation, as well as the outdoor and leisure sector, including hunting, fishing, diving and sailing.

Certified to IP67
RoseCase ProSecure boxes and cases meet the requirements of International Protection Code IP67. This means that they reliably keep out both dust and water – even at a water depth of one metre for at least 30 minutes. The boxes and cases are also shock-resistant, offering maximum protection for personal items.

Light, pressure-resistant and easy to handle
The largest ProSecure case weighs just 9.6 kilograms when empty. Some versions come with an optional telescopic handle and easy-running wheels for easy handling. The case's integrated automatic pressure valve means that its contents are fully protected even in the cargo hold of an aeroplane, for instance.

Compact protection
Electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones and cameras can be kept perfectly safe in the smallest of spaces thanks to the especially compact ProSecure box, which offers complete protection against dust, water and impacts.